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If you have accommodation available in anywhere in the Dubai and you want us to rent out, please email us at: or Whatsapp at 056 481 3752. Please, mention location, Rent, Accommodation type. Prefer nationally Famous Building and near bus or metro station. is a place where you can find available bed space in entire Dubai including Bur Dubai, Karama, Satwa Deira & Al Rigga etc. We also deal in partitions, studio flat, apartments family rooms& bachelor room etc. If you've any specific requirements, then do let us know we will try to manage it. We don't use fake images, We post real room images so no worry about that.

Bed space in Bur Dubai

The cheapest amount charged for renting bed space in Bur Dubai is AED 600 per month for the upper bed and AED 650 for the lower one. The room has many facilities, something one would not expect given its low rent. The facilities include a fridge and an automatic washing machine. In addition, it is furnished and the owner has provided free internet for renters. Also, there is a spacious terrace on which occupants can relax and unwind. The room is suitable for bachelors who only need a place to stay while they work or study.
The main disadvantage with this place is that there is no attached bathroom, denying occupants the comfort and convenience that comes with an internal bathroom. Single persons will be best placed to live in such conditions given that they are quite flexible and can do with little comfort. People who are looking to rent bed space with an attached bathroom will have to pay a higher monthly rent, of up to AED4500 per month. This particular room is spacious and able to accommodate between 5 to 6 people. Water and electricity costs are borne by the occupants although the owner offers to cater for these if the occupants pay an extra AED 800.

Bed space in Satwa

At a monthly rent of AED450, an occupant can get bed space in Satwa area. This is the cheapest accommodation arrangement that one can find in this area. Given its very low rent charge, this room may be hard to find as demand for affordable rooms is high in the area. The room has no attached bathroom, although this would be expected given its low rent cost. It is ideal for people who are single and have no family to take care of.
On the plus side, the owner provides free internet access which has become an important part of modern day life. Many single people are mostly pursuing their studies and internet access is a much welcome facility. An occupant need not worry about water and electricity costs as these are provided free of charge by the owner. In addition, a washing machine and refrigerator are available for use.The monthly rent is slightly higher for bachelor's looking for bed space with an attached bathroom; it costs AED 550 per month. However, occupants will have to cater for their own water and electricity charges as the owner does not pay for these. You can get Ladies bed space in Satwa for around 700 per month.

Bed space in Deira

The most affordable rent cost of bed space in Deira is AED 450 per month. This rent cost is inclusive of water and electricity costs. A person wishing to live here will, however, have to contend with the fact that the room is not furnished. Moreover, there is no attached bathroom meaning that an occupant will have to use one that is located outside the room. These may seem like too many disadvantages but the room will be acceptable to those with no families. Given that the cost of water and electricity is borne by the owner, the room offers reasonable comfort to single people and bachelors.
The room has a wide kitchen which can easily be shared among the occupants. The owner has also provided two clean bathrooms outside the room. Further, there is a centralized AC and two washing machines. Compare to other accommodations which charge the same amount of rent, this room would be said to be a better deal. There is a similar accommodation plan where the room is furnished but has no attached bathroom. The owner has only provided free internet access and cooking gas. Water and electricity are shared among the occupants.

Bed space in Al Rigga

The lowest accommodation cost for bed space in Al Rigga is AED 600 per month. This rent charge is inclusive of water and electricity costs. The room, however, has no internal bathroom which is viewed as a slight inconvenience for those who prefer to have one in the room. The owner has provided a mattress for each of the occupants, who can be a maximum of 4 persons. Additionally, the owner does not ask for any deposit which may be something to consider for bachelors who are looking for bed space to rent.
There is a more spacious room for which occupants pay AED700 monthly which is a higher cost but is well justified. The owner of this room has provided cleaning services, free cooking gas, and the internet and in addition, pays for water and electricity costs. Occupants of the room also have the luxury of accessing a cupboard and wardrobe. The room is also relatively spacious and pleasant to live in. The main detractor with this room is that the washrooms are separate from the main room. Given all the other essential facilities provided and the relatively cheap cost, the non-attached bathroom should not be a discouragement to any occupant.

Bed space in Karma

In all of Dubai, there are very few areas that can beat the accommodation deal in karma. The lowest rent charged monthly is AED650. The room is furnished and has an attached bathroom. For this low amount of rental cost, many bachelors and single people will be very happy with this accommodation deal. This is because very few rooms charge such a low rent and they are either not furnished or do not have an attached bathroom.
The only disadvantage with this room is that water and internet costs are borne by the occupants. An occupant should, however, consider the convenience of having an internal bathroom and view this as a factor that outweighs any free water or electricity. This is beside the very low monthly rent which is sure to keep the room occupied throughout the year.
Karma area is one of the cheapest areas in Dubai where cost of living is lower. There is a similar bed space room which charges AED 600 monthly. It is also furnished and has an internal washroom. Because of its higher rent charge, the owner has provided free cleaning services and internet access. Bachelor's would live here comfortably given the good facilities and affordable monthly rent.

Bed space in Al Barsha

This area is one of the expensive places to live in, the lowest rent charged for bed space is AED 850 per month. The room is reasonably furnished and has an internal washroom. The owner has also provided the option of a single bed for which the charge is higher- AED 1350. There is a fridge, an automatic washing machine and even a microwave oven which single persons especially ladies will find pleasant.
However, the following costs are equally shared among occupants: water, electricity, and internet. When making a decision about the suitability of this accommodation deal, one may find that it is a good deal, especially for single persons.
There is a slightly better deal for which occupants would pay a monthly rent of AED 900. The room is furnished and has an attached bathroom. What sets it apart, however, is that it has 3 bathrooms, free internet, water and, electricity. Bachelor's would be able to live very comfortably here as the owner has gone ahead and made available the option of providing cooked food to the occupants. Very few places will offer this kind of service as it is an added cost on the owner’s part.

Bed space in Rashidiya

To rent bed space in Rashidiya, an occupant will have to part with AED 600 per month. The room is furnished and has an attached bathroom which makes it relatively comfortable for single persons. The room can accommodate a maximum of 6 persons, who the owner prefers to be ladies. Water and electricity costs are shared among occupants, as well as internet costs.
There is a similar deal in Rashidiya for bachelors where occupants are charged a monthly rent of AED 650. Disappointingly, the room is neither furnished nor fitted with an internal washroom. The rent is, however, inclusive of water and electricity costs, meaning that occupants do not have to worry about these costs.
When making a decision about the two accommodation plans, the first room of AED 600 is a far much better deal for single persons wishing to reside in Rashidiya. Although the room may have many occupants, the facilities provided are decent which is required for any place where a large of people live in close proximity to each other. The room charging AED 650 can only accommodate a maximum of 2 persons. One can overlook the absence of furniture and location of washroom outside the main room as the rent is quite affordable compared to many other rooms in Rashidiya.

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