Bed space in Al Barsha

This area is one of the expensive places to live in, the lowest rent charged for bed space is AED 850 per month. The room is reasonably furnished and has an internal washroom. The owner has also provided the option of a single bed for which the charge is higher- AED 1350. There is a fridge, an automatic washing machine and even a microwave oven which single persons especially ladies will find pleasant.

However, the following costs are equally shared among occupants: water, electricity and internet. When making a decision about the suitability of this accommodation deal, one may find that it is a good deal especially for single persons.

There is a slightly better deal for which occupants would pay a monthly rent of AED 900. The room is furnished and has an attached bathroom. What sets it apart however is that it has 3 bathrooms, free internet, water and, electricity. Bachelors would be able to live very comfortably here as the owner has gone ahead and made available the option of providing cooked food to the occupants. Very few places will offer this kind of service as it is an added cost on the owner’s part.