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Bed Space in Bur Dubai

Bed Space in Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is one of the few remaining parts of the city that has managed to retain its old charm over the decades. It is located on the southern side of the Dubai creek, facing Deira.

Bed space in Bur Dubai

In Bur Dubai, the cheapest rent for bachelor bed space is about AED 700 and ladies bed space in bur Dubai rent is around 850 on an average. The room has basic amenities such as the Internet, water, and electricity- usually referred to as DEWA in this area. The room is very clean and is quite a bargain given that Bur Dubai is one of the areas where cost of living is high. The room comes with furniture, which means that occupants do not need to worry about having to buy their own or incurring the cost of transporting it to the room. There is also an attached bathroom which is shared by the two occupants of the room. Executive bed space in bur Dubai can cost you around 1100-1500 with not extra cost.

Partitions in Bur Dubai

There are the partitioned in bur Dubai that has been designated by the owners for couples, these charge a monthly rent of AED 1500-2000 monthly. This amount is fairly reasonable and any couple living in the area should not find it difficult to raise. All partitions have their own separate lighting and a door. Further, the room is well furnished and has an attached bathroom and tub.

Studio Flats in Bur Dubai

The most affordable studio flat in Bur Dubai area goes for a monthly rent of AED 3500, but there are not many flats that are this cheap. It has one attached bathroom but is not furnished. The prevailing monthly rent for most flats here is AED 300 more and provides security. It is suitable for families as it also has a bathroom and the family that would occupy it are free to bring in their preferred furniture.

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