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Room for Rent in Deria

Room for Rent in Deira

Need a family room for rent in Deira Dubai? A spacious room is available for rent in Deira for a monthly rent of AED 3500. The room is furnished and even has a small storage room. It, however, does not have an attached bathroom which is a disappointing fact. The Internet, water and electricity costs are not catered for by the owner, occupants are left to share these costs among themselves.

Interestingly, there is a cheaper room in this area whose monthly rent is AED 1100 less. The owner describes it as a master bedroom and it clearly fits this description. It is furnished and has an attached bathroom making it very ideal for small families. The kitchen is quite spacious and fitted with essential cooking equipment and a fridge. A refundable deposit of AED1000 is charged by the owner. Further, the owner caters for the internet, water and electricity, but up to a defined limit. The owner will pay for these utilities provided the cost does not go above AED 400. This may be construed to be a limiting factor as occupants will not be able to use these facilities as much as they want. Alternatively, it may be viewed as a control measure to minimize wastage on the part of the renters as they will cater for these costs once they go above AED400.

The owner has also gone ahead and provided a central chiller and heating for water. This is by far the best accommodation deal that one can find in all of Deira. Couples and small families will be thrilled with this plan as it is relatively affordable, given the numerous amenities availed.

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