Accommodation in Deria

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Deira is an area in the city of Dubai bordered by the Persian Gulf and the Dubai Creek. It also hosts the Dubai international airport, which is the main gateway to Dubai.

Bed Space in Deira

Bed space is quite affordable in the Deira area, with owners asking for a monthly rent of AED 500. Further, owners pay for their occupant’s internet, water and electricity costs. This is a very good accommodation arrangement for single men and women as they are left with very few costs to worry about.

Partition in Deira

There are well-partitioned rooms in Deira that are popular with couples that one can find here. The rent is AED 1200 monthly. Although the partition is small, it has a built in cabinet, something that is not easy to find in partitioned rooms. Some owners also provide a centralized A/C but leave the occupants to pay for their own water and electricity consumption. There is no attached bathroom for this low rent. Couples can, however, pay AED 2000 for a partitioned room with a bathroom.

Studio Flat in Deira

One can find good studio flats in Deira to choose from, all having different rent price. For about AED 3800, one can find a spacious studio flat in Deira that has a balcony and has a central A/C. The total floor space is 450 SqFt. However, this flat does not come with any furniture. For a higher rent of AED 4200, one can find studio flats that provide all the above facilities, and parking space. All these are ideal for families, who are looking to live a comfortable life at an affordable cost.

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