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Find Partition for Rent in Karama

Partition for Rent in Karama

The minimum rent charged for a partition in Karama is AED 1400 per month. The owner provides free internet access and caters for water and electricity costs. However, the room has no internal bathroom. The owner has also not provided any furniture. The monthly rent charged for a partition room for rent in Karama can be said to be reasonable even though bathroom sanitation is located outside the room. The owner has done well to compensate the occupants by catering for utility bills. The sort of partition is suitable for a couple.

For an additional AED 150-300, one can find a partition for rent in Karama that is fully furnished. The owner provides a bed, mattress, and cupboard. This room, however, is designated for one bachelor and sometimes cooking is not allowed . The owner has also availed an automatic washing machine in addition to providing free internet access, water, and electricity.

A monthly rent of AED 1700 per month will avail occupants a furnished room, with an internal bathroom. This is evidently the best deal so far, as the owner provides a new mattress, washing machine, cooking gas and an oven. A couple would live very comfortably here given all these amenities. Water and electricity costs are borne by the owner, and so is internet access. The owner has set the rooms aside and specified the preferred occupants for each partition. For instance, there are rooms that are set aside for couples and there are those for female tenants. Also available is an AC which is shared between the partitions renters.

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