Find Studio Flats in Karama

Studio Flats in Karama

The lowest rent charged for a studio flat in Karama is around AED 48,000 per year. The Studio flats size is 510 Sq Ft which is marginally larger than floor space for the same amount in other areas of Dubai. The Studio flat is not furnished and may be preferred by families since they are likely to have their own furniture. The rent is paid quarterly, meaning that occupants will have to part with AED 12,000 every four months. The studio flat has such amenities like free car parking, a central AC and built in wardrobes. Studio flat is available to both bachelor’s and families. The management also charges a security deposit which is refundable and an agency commission. In addition, there is a charge for registering tenancy agreements with the local authority known as Ejari.

There is a studio flat in Karama area that charges a higher rent of AED 50,000 per year but with a smaller floor space of 400 Sq Ft. The apartment has an open kitchen whereby anyone in the kitchen is not isolated from activities happening in the living room. It is the new design method adopted in many apartments. The main feature distinguishing this apartment is that it is furnished. It has similar amenities with the one discussed above except that this one has a swimming pool and a gym. Rent is paid quarterly which translates to AED 12,500 every quarter. It is very suitable for bachelors as most of them may not have enough furniture. A furnished room enables them to live comfortably, making maximum use of what is provided.

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