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Find Bed Space in Karama


Al Karama is located at the Dubai creek and is one of Dubai’s oldest residential areas. It is has one of the highest population density in Dubai as there are thousands of people living in the area, yet it is only about 2 square kilometers.



A monthly rent of AED 1500 is charged for partitioned room in the Karama area. For this specific room, the owner has provided a fridge, washing machine, internet connection and A/C.  The partitions are very neat with adequate lighting and individual doors. Couples would find this accommodation arrangement very reasonable as the owner has gone further to provide cleaning services for free. The room has an attached bathroom, adding on to the convenience offered by the place.

Studio flat

For AED 4000 per month, one can rent a studio apartment in Karama. The rooms are relatively spacious at 450 SqFt with built in wardrobe, security and parking. For a higher monthly rent of AED 4600 families will be able to have bigger floor space of 500SqFt, a shared gym and built in kitchen appliances. It is evidently clear that the higher rent charge comes with more convenience and may be considered more luxurious. It is upon the couple to make decisions on what they can afford.

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