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No doubt, it’s hard to find tenants for bed space, partition or room etc in Dubai. mission is to make this hard task easy for everyone. Because of this reason for very short time of period we allow you to post your ad on our network for free.


Why you should post ad on

Usually when a tenant needs bed-space he/she google it. Like if someone needs a bed space in karma then most probably he/she will search on google bed space in karma Right?

Then searcher will visit the links which show on

As you can see in the screen shot we are on the 1st page of google for this quire. Below are a few quires where you will find our website on 1st page.


  • Bed space in Dubai
  • Bed space in Karma
  • Bed space in Deira
  • Bed space in Satwa
  • Bed space in Bur Dubai

These are just a few quires. So if you post your ad on then you will surely get enough response.