Find Bed Space in Satwa

Satwa is often known because of its Asian community. It is well-organized & modern architecture area which connect itself to Bur Dubai and Al Jaffliya. Al Satwa eis popular because of its Bus stations which allow Satwa residence to travel anywhere in Dubai by RTA Bus. The only Disadvantage of Satwa is, it does not have a Metro stationin main Satwa area. You have to go World trade center or to get a metro train, whichrequired around 10 minutes walking from the Satwa Bus stop. Maximum peoples in data belong to the Philippines, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladesh, African countries, and Nepal. Bed space in Satwa starts from 450 AED and usually partitions rent in Satwa beginning from 1300 andwhich makes it perfect for low budget renters. Below we have listed all available bed space in Satwa for Pakistan’s, Indian, Filipino & Africans. Click Here to Join Facebook Group.
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