Find Partition in Satwa

Find Partition in Satwa

Partitions in Satwa

For a monthly rent of AED 1100, single persons can find Partitions in Satwa. However, the owner has not furnished the rooms. Further, there is no attached bathroom which can be an inconvenience to most people. The Internet is free, but water and electricity costs are equally shared among occupants. This accommodation arrangement is economical given that the rent cost is reasonably affordable. It would be ideal for couples as they would comfortably be able to raise the required rent.

In contrast, there is an owner who has priced partitioned rooms at AED 1500 in the same area. The Partition Room For Rent in Satwa are wooden with each having its own door. The owner caters for the cost of electricity and water. Internet access is also provided free of charge. This room would provide the perfect accommodation for couples. They would be able to enjoy the convenience that comes with having an internal bathroom. Further, since the room is already furnished, the occupants can save on costs of buying their own furniture. This is by far the best deal for the partitioned room in Satwa.

There is Partition Room For Rent in Satwa  in the same area fit for 2 ladies or a couple, it charges a monthly rent of AED 1400 monthly. Although it has not been furnished, the owner has taken steps to compensate for this. The owner has, for instance, ensured each partition has its own door. There is a fridge, washing machine and stove. There is also free parking space, suitable for couples or single people who have a car.

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